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How to know when it’s time to Rebrand

Social Media and Marketing can be overwhelming. Heck, I have been down the overwhelm path a few times!

What to picture to post? What words to write? How to design a promo graphic? Suffering comparisonitis? Feeling like your visual identity doesn’t reflect your values and services.

These feelings are completely normal, running a business is not all laptops and lattes (ok, it is a little bit about lattes, for me). But on a serious note, we can waste high amounts of money investing in courses, events, designers, products and systems and still leave us feeling overwhelmed (after the excitement of the purchase or experience dulls).

New Art Collection Released!

I have finished my new art collection!

The creation of this collection began shortly after the arrival of our second baby. Inspired to redecorate my own home and to create art with some sentimental value. The pieces in this collection include some of my favourite places, colours and images.

2015 in Review

As each year comes to a close for MB Captured, I am amazed by how it has flourished and continued to encourage growth within myself.

Running my own business of course comes at a cost, like earlier this year when I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism and was unable to work for a few months, and then September, when I gave birth to our second child, Emily Hazel. However through these times it was also able to…

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MB Captured is a Geelong based photography and design service, specialising in wedding photography and invitations as well as beautiful branding and eBook design and natural style business portrait photography. Wedding and lifestyle photography services based in Geelong / Melbourne, Victoria. I (willingly) travel interstate and overseas for photography. © 2016 MB Captured. All Rights Reserved