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Introducing our newest family member: Emily Hazel Berry

On the first day of Spring, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, Emily Hazel Berry. Emily is joining her big brother, Jack Henry Wolfgang Berry in the world, and together they complete our little family. We had always wanted two children and feel incredibly lucky we will now experience raising both a girl and boy. So far, I am loving the newborn bubble of night feeds and what seems like a gazillion nappy changes a day. While I feel wiser (as it is my second baby), I am still very much a student in motherhood. Emily is already so different to Jack as a newborn. I feel like I am even more in love with Jack, if that is possible, since welcoming Emily. He has embraced her presence with such a high level of love and maturity, it has blown both me and my husband away and puts our hearts at risk of exploding with pride and love every day. Seeing his eyes light up every time he interacts with her… MELT. In myself, I am feeling great and have newfound energy and motivation for a lifestyle overhaul (more on that soon). I’m also blissfully content knowing that our family is ‘complete’ (aka no more planned babes), it is a great feeling to have them both here in our lives. I’ve mentioned it before, but I truly didn’t know what love was until I had my children. There is absolutely nothing else like it on this planet. Fiercely protective, an extra mile of patience and pride like no other – these are the emotions standing out for me...

Behind the Scenes with Bec from Think Big Live Simply

I first met Bec a few years back when we both coached under Tara Bliss.. Over that time we have created a lasting friendship, both in person and (due to the distance) online. What I love about her is her passion, authenticity and ability to keep it real, all while making you feel good about yourself. Plus she loves a good coffee, which makes anyone cool in my books. We started a bit of a fortnightly Skype date to hang out online, catch up on life and keep each other accountable for our work. It’s been a great decision by us, because it puts the human side of us into our communications since we can’t catch up for real in-person coffee dates. Today, I am taking you behind the scenes with this talented lady, the creator of Think Big Live Simply. A woman you need to know about if you are serious about nutritious food and simple living. Personally, I am excited about the personal project we are working on in my own backyard this Spring. Proving there is hope for black thumbs like me to grow my own nutritious food! Tell me a bit about you. What brought you to your online space today? Ah, it’s such a long story! The short version is this: I started Think Big Live Simply as a way to connect back into my creativity and channel my energy into something just for me when I was going through a rough time at work. It started as a bit of an experiment and has ended up being a really important part of the journey...

Things I learnt from my first wedding fair

When I set intentions for my business this year, it was to step outside of my comfort zone and really put my services out there in Geelong as a wedding photographer. When it comes to the wedding side of my business I think there comes a time when some form of paid advertising should be tested. Up until now, my business has grown organically, through referrals and word of mouth, so I felt to take it to the next level might be to add some paid promotions. For me, this meant a Bridal Fair. To be a human in front of the business and not hidden behind my website. It made sense to go to a local fair to build clients in the region, so I booked Head Over Heels in Geelong. On reflection, I want to share my honest, open and completely transparent feedback on the event. My motto with business growth is to lean into fear. If something feels scary, then it is a good sign you are on the right track (within reason). The thought of being in front of potential clients to ‘sell myself’ was terrifying, which I took as a good sign. I knew I wanted to show up the best way possible, decorating my stall with assistance of other local talents and showcasing my best work. All up I invested about $1,500 for space hire, decor and printing, which is the single biggest financial out-of-pocket investment I have made in the business. I was nervous. (below are some pics from the day) The day arrived and I found I hadn’t really ever ‘sold’ myself...

We are having another baby!

We have an exciting announcement to make… I am pregnant with our second baby, due this September. While I have been a little quiet (and late) on the announcement this time around due to some health complications, there is certainly no hesitation or lack of love for this little one. A little bit about this pregnancy – the nitty gritty lady stuff I came into this pregnancy with a sense of confidence. Firstly, that it would happen quickly. Secondly, that it would be easy like my first pregnancy. I felt all my first time mumma fear and guilt was dealt with in round 1. So why would it all change in round 2? It all started last September, when I had a blighted ovum, (where no embryo ever forms but your body still ‘thinks’ it pregnant), discovered at week 11. If I reflect on the experience, I never really felt truly pregnant, as some days I would be horribly sick and bed-ridden and the next I would feel totally fine and energetic. However, it is still not news you wish to discover. Given we had told many of our close friends of our pregnancy news, it was equally supportive and lovely to have them there in this time. We successfully conceived soon afterwards, with our baby now due this September. Also not without its complications, finding  myself in the Emergency Department with Pulmonary Embolism (PE) – blood clots on my lungs. With no known cause (except suspected from the pregnancy) and a treatment of 2 x clexane injections a day,  a lot of frustration followed this diagnosis, along with fear of what it all meant...

Craving Creative? Check out these great cures

Lately, I have felt the urge to go and enrol in a HEAP of rad courses and workshops. Really talented and inspiring people are sharing their talents, stories and resources to ignite your creativity and passion. Below is a round up of my favourites, although if I have missed any you think are worthy, please leave a comment below. To view more information on each course/workshop, click on the name title which links through to the respective site. Stefan Gevers Watercolour master, you will spend time learning how to use watercolour paints, layering and techniques. Lumiere Art & Co Known for creating some iconic artwork and homewares, there are now a range of workshops with a range of creative projects for you to work on in a relaxed environment. You even get lunch! Nurture & Shine, Amelia Williams Amelia is a long time blog friend, she is filled with goodness all the way through to her core. This workshop is a chance for you to explore the idea of your “purpose”, to experiment with a spiritual practice that nourishes you, to stand strong in your authentic power and to nurture yourself on every level.     This is Lifeblood – Claire Baker Another long time blogging friend, Claire Baker. This workshop is all about self-love and self-expression. I will be at the Melbourne workshop! James Looker – Wedding Elements Photography James Looker really stood out amongst the crowd when he posted on his view of the overdone wedding industry. Not in a distasteful way, but in one that ignites your soul to truly follow your own idea of a...

Wanderlust Post-Baby

Something has been swirling inside for some time. Probably ignited by Shanny’s inspiring travel posts, a girl I once was. Full of adventure, desire to gobetrot – with intention to help animals all around the world. You see, I’ve never really been a ‘big sightseeing’ kinda gal, I live for experiences, to really feel another place. I truly discovered this when we travelled to Thailand (which I posted about here) a few years back and spent some time in the jungle at an Elephant Orphanage. It was then I said “This is what travel is about, not instagraming my french pastry, but to be completely disconnected and immerse into this foreign beautiful world” Every night as my head hit the pillow, I had tear filled eyes, full of mixed emotions, sad for the stories of each elephant and also gratitude for the experience. It is also 1,000,000 times more meaningful that my husband shares the same view, we love all wildlife. To watch from afar, to help where we can and to be a voice for them when they can’t. So it was no surprise when we left the Elephant park and checked into a fancy 5 star resort, I cried. I cried like I never have before. Nothing about the luxury of our room or catching up on news (which included Bin Laden’s death and the royal marriage) satisfied me, I wanted to check out and go back to being disconnected and in touch with what I believe is really living – In tune with nature, living side by side with all creatures.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE places like New York and Berlin, they have unexplainable...
MB Captured is a Geelong based photography and design service, specialising in wedding photography and invitations as well as beautiful branding and eBook design and natural style business portrait photography. Wedding and lifestyle photography services Geelong, Melbourne and throughout Victoria. I love to travel and will offer interstate photography bookings in 2016.