2015 in Review - MB Captured

As each year comes to a close for MB Captured, I am amazed by how it has flourished and continued to encourage growth within myself.

Running my own business of course comes at a cost, like earlier this year when I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism and was unable to work for a few months, and then September, when I gave birth to our second child, Emily Hazel. However through these times it was also able to support our lifestyle and not force me back into a work environment when I didn’t have the physical energy to do so. For this, I am grateful to be a business owner.

Some of the greatest highlights for MB Captured this year were;

  • Releasing my first eBook, Birthed.
  • Hosting a stand at a local Bridal Fair, Head Over Heels in Geelong – a first for the business and quite successful.
  • Creating artwork to sell in my online store. Something I have really wanted to do for sometime.
  • Meeting and working with many incredible women around Victoria, capturing their beautiful faces through photography (check them out below).

Most of all I found true deep confidence in my business. TheĀ unforeseen events of this year have taught me (rather quickly) how to best manage my time and workload at short notice. A very valuable lesson for anyone in business.

Looking forward to 2016, I plan to continue expanding on the wedding scene with photography and also capturing many more lady bosses around the state. Only now realising photography is truly my jam, it is all I think about day and night, while I love design and it will always be a part of MB Captured, you will see a lot more happening with the photography side of the business in 2016.

So now, for the visual feast of 2015 I have included some of my work below.

Thank you for your ongoing support, I can’t wait to welcome the new year in!