2016 - A year in Review - MB Captured

Wow, 2016 was one crazy ride. For MB Captured, it was about collaboration, business partnerships and lots of love stories captured with wedding photography services in Geelong and the Bellarine. It isn’t until I started to collate this post that I realised how proud I am of my photography business. From a very humble beginning of shooting my friends children to creating a full-time photography business (and now, also a partnership business – House of Sage). It has allowed me to stay home with our children and yet still maintain my independence (which has truly been a saviour amongst the chaos of raising young children!).


Some of the highlights included

  • Selling my first art collection at As Daisy Does
  • Launching my online art store
  • Travelling interstate for photo shoots
  • Launching The Rebrand eCourse with legend, Kate Toholka
  • Collaboration work with Geelong Creatives & Geelong Women
  • Working with local businesses with brand photography and creative collaborative partnerships for them
  • Launching House of Sage – creating unforgettable digital stories. A business partnership with Kate Toholka.

2017 is set to be a big year for me personally and in the business sense. As my kids are getting out of the high-maintenance baby stage, I am able to step back into my work with a lot more dedication. House of Sage is already working on numerous projects and I wholeheartedly can’t wait to see this blossom! Summer/Autumn wedding season is almost totally booked plus I have a few plans for a new product launch.


Below are a few shots from 2016, in no particular order. Xx