Hey, I’m Monika Berry; photographer, mama + beachcomber. Devoted to good coffee, gutsy creativity, weekend road trips and (above all) my wee family by the sea.

About MB Captured

MB Captured (my business and the online home you’re currently hanging in) was dreamed up by my persistent and overwhelming drive to create beautiful things. One of my earliest childhood memories was declaring to my mum “When I grow up I want to be an artist, we have to go out this afternoon and buy new pencils and paper!” But – as happens to many of us – my passion slipped down the scale of adult priorities. I found myself “doing the right thing” and slogging up the corporate ladder instead of scaling my dreams. Luckily though, passion is persistent. After I couldn’t ignore the call any longer I relented and reconnected with my love of photography, watercolours, vibrant inks and digital media. My hobbies kept growing and I devoured and created art in every spare moment.

That heart-stoked decision to live on my own terms (and the self-discovery that followed) changed everything. MB Captured Photography + Design was born. Since then a lot has happened;

  • I’ve collaborated and created brand magic with dozens of solopreneurs.
  • I’ve photographed weddings, worked on lifestyle shoots with boss ladies and basically snapped my way through the year. See the bevvy of beauties here .
  • I even produced a series of fine art prints which I think are, well, pretty fine. See them here.
  • All the while I’ve been growing a bursting tribe of creative mavens who agree that life and art is beautiful. If you do too please join us – just fill out the form below.
  • And I wrote about the whole adventure – entrepreneurship, creativity + motherhood – in my debut eBook, Birthed. Have a peek at her here.

I adore nothing more than delighting people with my craft. You can follow my latest work on instagram @mb_captured

About me

Raised as an only child by a single mother, we had our fair share of adventures. The greatest one was travelling around Australia in a ‘grasshopper green’ Kombi van in 1992 with our dog, Rolly. It was the kind of life we led, carefree and fun. These days I am the mum, of a cheeky threenager and a baby, Jack + Emily. I spend my days in our seaside town, Ocean Grove Victoria, sipping big cups of coffee with my husband and planning our next adventure. Life has taken the slow lane the last few years as we raise our little ones, it has been a wonderful experience. Now days I am on my own journey back to health (after a pretty rough last pregnancy and an ongoing blood clotting condition) and retaining my own independence through my soulful business, MB Captured. You can follow my ‘behind-the-scenes’ lifestyle on instagram @monika_berry Thank you for being part of it all. Mon x

Professional Bio

Monika Berry is the Co-Founder of House of Sage Agency, a digital marketing agency and MB Captured, a branding and wedding photography service. With an extensive background in corporate administration, marketing and graphic design, Monika brings a wealth of knowledge to businesses on their brand and visual identity. She has written eBooks, an online eCourse and worked with dozens of trailblazers, helping them realise their online identity.



Recent Work