Birthed ebook by mbcaptured

For so long in my corporate job, I craved to reconnect with my creativity. I was so busy working my way up the corporate ladder, I lost touch with what made me truly happy and instead got caught up in doing what I felt I should be doing.

Forward to a time where my husband and I wanted to start our family. I was so excited, partly due to the idea of a ‘holiday’ from work, but also to embark on the journey of motherhood. I had planned to use this time to rediscover my creativity, making the most of my time away from my day job. I had no idea what a mind blowing, soul-fulfilling ride was awaiting me. I discovered my true purpose, my hidden and unlocked talents and from this birthed a business that would support my family.

Once I had unleashed this part of myself, I felt like a new person. SO many things began to shift in my life. The biggest being, we sold our country home and moved to the coast, as my lifestyle was free to mould however I wished. I could be there for my son everyday and still find my independence and have a creative outlet in my business. It connected me with other women on the same path, many of whom I now call friends. I was given no handouts, easy rides or secrets to the business. I committed to creating the life I wanted to live and from this launched my business, MB Captured.

Birthed is for you if you are;

  • seeking freedom, creative expression and self expansion.
  • a mother, a mother to be or in the planning stages of your family.
  • feeling a lifestyle shift erupting inside of you and want to embrace it.
  • seeking a life of nurturing your mind and fulfilling your independence while supporting your family.
But how could I reconnect with my creativity in motherhood you ask? Self-limiting beliefs will send you back to your old ways. You’ll say things like;

‘What have I got to offer?’

“What if I fail? I can’t afford that”

“Where do I start?” or

“I’m not a creative person”

Yep, I’ve been there, crippled by fear and ‘comparisonitis’, doubting everything. My question to you is, What are you giving up if you don’t try? Birthed, takes you through my experience of launching a business with a newborn – the lessons learned, reconnection to my true purpose, talents and new journey of motherhood to inspire you for your own opportunity for creative expression. Birthed will take you on a journey of self-discovery, including

  • pushing through fear – what this really means
  • where to start, even if you don’t feel like a creative person
  • self limiting beliefs and ‘comparisonitis’
  • honouring your true desires
  • creating balance between motherhood, business and everything else
  • the finances – what it actually takes to make it work.
    Rachel MacDonald, writer, coach, speaker, seeker. Guiding passion-fuelled women out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire). In Birthed, you will read insights from Rachel while she was pregnant with her son and learn about the plans for her well established business.    

Nicky Kriss, abstract artist, mother to a five year old daughter, kindergarten assistant and university student. Positively proving that you can make time to be creative and pursue your passion. In Birthed, Nicky provides her insights on how motherhood has inspired her to reconnect with her creativity and led to a thriving business in selling her artwork. With much gratitude for her own mother and partner supporting her.

Amelia Williams, a heart-driven coach, writer, speaker, mum, wife, spirit junkie and truth-seeker. Guiding curious and passionate women to intuitively rediscover the beauty and brilliance that has always been inside them. In Birthed you will read insights from Amelia on how motherhood has been the catalyst for change in her life.

I have been a designer and photographer at MB Captured for 3 years and in this time I have explored my creativity extensively. However prior to this, I had never worked in either industry. No joke. I was a personal assistant to the Managing Director of a large Water Corporation. At the time, I felt because I could do the job, that I should be doing it. I was so wrong. It might sound extravagant, over the top or woo-woo, but self-love and creative expression are KEY to discovering YOU. The real authentic you. That is where the magic happens. I don’t believe in luck, you create your own, and when you are doing things that light you up, opportunities start to arise, things suddenly fall into place that were troublesome before. Life gets good, like REAL GOOD. Click the button below to come and take a peek inside my world, a true behind the scenes at how I launched my business while raising a newborn, along with worksheets and resources to guide you on your own journey.  

I just downloaded your new ebook and it is amazing! It inspired and helped ease my fears for when my little one arrives in Feb.


Myotherapist (in training)

I just finished reading it and really loved it, so inspiring for a mother like myself who is trying to run a business in the online world. I feel like most of the women I have either connected with or look up to online don’t have children, so it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of comparing and feeling like you just don’t have the time or financial resources to get it all happening. It’s really nice to have met you and to now also have such a great resource to help inspire me.


Naturopath / Holistic Nutritionist

I just got hooked an inhaled your book…. I am excited to take parts from it and apply to my life