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Lately, I have felt the urge to go and enrol in a HEAP of rad courses and workshops. Really talented and inspiring people are sharing their talents, stories and resources to ignite your creativity and passion.

Below is a round up of my favourites, although if I have missed any you think are worthy, please leave a comment below. To view more information on each course/workshop, click on the name title which links through to the respective site.

Stefan Gevers

Watercolour master, you will spend time learning how to use watercolour paints, layering and techniques.

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Lumiere Art & Co

Known for creating some iconic artwork and homewares, there are now a range of workshops with a range of creative projects for you to work on in a relaxed environment. You even get lunch!

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Nurture & Shine, Amelia Williams

Amelia is a long time blog friend, she is filled with goodness all the way through to her core.

This workshop is a chance for you to explore the idea of your “purpose”, to experiment with a spiritual practice that nourishes you, to stand strong in your authentic power and to nurture yourself on every level.

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This is Lifeblood – Claire Baker

Another long time blogging friend, Claire Baker.

This workshop is all about self-love and self-expression. I will be at the Melbourne workshop!

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James Looker – Wedding Elements Photography

James Looker really stood out amongst the crowd when he posted on his view of the overdone wedding industry. Not in a distasteful way, but in one that ignites your soul to truly follow your own idea of a ‘love ceremony’ away from pressures of traditions, what the mother or grandmother wants and any tacky or overdone elements. I was already following his work prior to this, but when someone puts themselves out there, vulnerable and open to criticism, that s*it is inspiring.

It is why I think his workshop would be amazing, for those with a keen interest in wedding photography.
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The Darling Tree – Flowing + Thriving

This one is for the designers.

The purpose of this course is to show you how to build your design business to be a true extension of YOU, who you are as a designer, and what you love doing.

I’ve been following Jo online for some time, I love her style and view of creating art without fear of judgement.

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Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted, Rachel MacDonald

Yet another amazing long time blog friend and also my business coach, Rachel knows her stuff. She has perfected the non-cheasy and over-delivering with content and quality.

Launching this week, this course will help you to get clear on your blog vision, amplify your online presence and to express yourself in a way that sounds exactly like you (because, truthfully, the ‘other’ way is painful and exhausting.)

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Finally, I wanted to let you know that later this year I will be releasing an eBook. The eBook is for finding yourself in creativity through motherhood. It takes you through my story of how MB Captured was born as a business after my son was born. I had never worked in the design or photography industry prior to launching my own business and I talk to SO many women who are seeking the same kind of lifestyle after realising they actually don’t want to go back to their old day jobs and are seeking something more soulful and satisfying.

Stay tuned! xo