How to know when it's time to Rebrand
Social Media and Marketing can be overwhelming. Heck, I have been down the overwhelm path a few times!
What picture to post? What words to write? How to design a promo graphic? Suffering comparisonitis? Why aren’t I attracting the right clients? Feeling like your visual identity doesn’t reflect your values and services.
These feelings are completely normal, running a business is not all laptops and lattes (ok, it is a little bit about lattes, for me). But on a serious note, we can waste large amounts of money investing in courses, events, designers, products and systems and still leave us feeling overwhelmed (after the excitement of the purchase or experience dulls).
I have worked with so many women who have come to me bright-eyed and ready to make their mark in the world. They have a fire in their belly and they are ready to turn their passion into a business. High fives all round, this is an exciting journey of self-discovery and expansion. However, if you are in the biz and have well and truly dipped your toe in, you might be feeling it is time to take it to the next level. You are ready to get crystal clear on your direction, own it and be a leader in your niche market. How good would that feel? Whatever your business is, the world deserves to know about your skills. As Marie Forleo says…
“The world needs that special gift that only you have” 

So how do you truly harness it with full confidence and style?.

The first thing business owners think of is their visual branding (enter my services), but often they haven’t spent much time on the strategy and foundations of their business (enter business coach).  Which is why I was STOKED to team up with fellow biz buddy + amazing business coach, Kate Toholka to bring The Rebrand.
The Rebrand is an online course to take your brand to the next level?
Another course? Really? 
I hear ya, I’m all over the time-poor, sleep-deprived but still hustling lifestyle. That’s why I can say hand on heart, there are no butterflies or ‘dream big’ manifestos in this course. It is for serious, ready to go PRO lady bosses. Practical and easy to apply strategy, resources and guides. Not to forget the community of other inspiring brands to share your ideas and rebrand journey with, because if it is one thing I love about this business it is the collaboration with inspiring and game-changing women.
Currently, The Rebrand’s tribe has received;
  • Botox for your Rebrand, a quick fix guide for your brand – eBook
  • Your Brand, Captured – the must have guide for planning a photo shoot – eBook
  • Invite to an online Masterclass – 2 dates available, spaces limited – free webinar

Plus more to come next week!

Kate and I truly live and breathe what we do, we LUUUURRVE it. Equally I love being able to have this course for my tribe, for you, because I know it is a game-changer. If you think this is for you, check more out here ->

(FOR THE NEWBIE: If you are new to the biz, to help you along this journey, be sure to check out Rach’s ecourse Bright-Eyed Blog-Hearted)