I finally made it to the redwood plantation - MB Captured

For some time now, I have been planning to get to the The Redwoods in Victoria.

A 2 hour drive from Ocean Grove (our hometown), I packed in the 2 kids and ventured off. I knew this trip would be lots of walking and not be pram friendly, so we opted for the Kathmandu backpack for Emily and Jack is big enough now to do the hikes on his own.

By the 1.5 hour mark on the road, the kids started to get a bit restless, so I relied on my ‘Jack’s playlist’ on Spotify to get us through, which is a mixture of Frozen, Toy Story and The Lion King to name a few. It was a freakin’ winner.┬áThe kids were happy again and we made it to our destination!

It was a pretty warm day, but as soon as we stepped under the canopy of the Redwoods, there was a sudden temperature drop. A surreal feeling of a hidden paradise. So quiet, peaceful and beautiful.

Afterwards we ventured up the dirt road to Hopetoun Falls, which was absolutely beautiful. The sun was beaming through, highlighting all the water mist. We spent a bit of time here, Jack was searching the waters for Platypus and Emily sat in the backpack carrier eating a bread roll.

I did this trip solo, as my husband is at the pointy end of uni studies, so my photo time was limited and with a baby on my back! However, I do plan on a return visit soon, perhaps even try to get to a few more waterfalls.