Introducing our newest family member: Emily Hazel Berry - MB Captured

On the first day of Spring, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, Emily Hazel Berry.


Emily is joining her big brother, Jack Henry Wolfgang Berry in the world, and together they complete our little family. We had always wanted two children and feel incredibly lucky we will now experience raising both a girl and boy.

Ray jack and emily

So far, I am loving the newborn bubble of night feeds and what seems like a gazillion nappy changes a day. While I feel wiser (as it is my second baby), I am still very much a student in motherhood. Emily is already so different to Jack as a newborn. I feel like I am even more in love with Jack, if that is possible, since welcoming Emily. He has embraced her presence with such a high level of love and maturity, it has blown both me and my husband away and puts our hearts at risk of exploding with pride and love every day. Seeing his eyes light up every time he interacts with her… MELT.

In myself, I am feeling great and have newfound energy and motivation for a lifestyle overhaul (more on that soon). I’m also blissfully content knowing that our family is ‘complete’ (aka no more planned babes), it is a great feeling to have them both here in our lives.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I truly didn’t know what love was until I had my children. There is absolutely nothing else like it on this planet. Fiercely protective, an extra mile of patience and┬ápride like no other – these are the emotions standing out for me right now.

berry family mb captured

I’ve set up my work schedule to allow a few small projects filter through over the next couple of months. I was keen to not completely disconnect from the business, as I didn’t feel it was necessary. I love the creative outlet MB Captured provides and it is a business that supports my lifestyle of raising a young family, it is extremely flexible. All of which you can read about in my eBook, Birthed.