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 My photography is inspired by the tiny details that would have otherwise been missed; those tiny tells that capture the essence of a moment or muse. The glint of mischief in your eye, the slightest upturned corner of a smile or the warm glow of a sunrise over the sea. Every aspect tells a story.  

One of my most treasured talents is my ability to spot beauty everywhere. It’s not the best virtue as a constantly-stopping road trip buddy (so my husband says) but it’s a pretty awesome trait for a photographer.

Nature is my biggest muse. In my humble opinion, natural light comprises it’s whole own category of magic; sun flares, soft dawns and sherbert skies. Shorelines, animals and trees have a similar effect; they communicate on a soul level.

Just as I’m a big fan of nature, I also gravitate towards natural styles. Documentary styled photography that captures real moments. I’ve been in front of, behind and to the side of the camera before. I understand that it can feel uncomfortable, which is totally normal by the way. You dont have to feel vain, feel confident and beautiful. My job as a photographer is to capture the true essence of you.

I had so much fun during my photoshoot with Monika, not only is she one very talented lady but also knows how to make you feel super comfortable during the shoot so that the real you shines through! Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison Naturopathy

The photo’s arrived today and they are completely and utterly amazing.

Thank you so much Mon – I’m so happy with them you have done such an amazing job.

Bec Irving

The Autoimmune Sister

For a really long time, I hated my face. It was a face that resembled a bloody war zone. I had pimples everywhere and picked at them every day. Looking in the mirror was pretty traumatising. Not as traumatising as, per se, an actual war zone, but in an age of #fitspo and Instagram, my appearance had me feeling super, super low.
And then I got an awesome dermatologist, and I decided to get some professional photos taken, and that’s when I met Monika.

You see, Monika doesn’t just give you a series of images for your website or blog. She gives you confidence to be the face of your brand. Whenever someone would turn the camera on me, I’d run and hide and cry, and then probably go pop more pimples.
But when I received my first photos from her last year (the ones where I’m a brunette), I remember thinking, “Hey! That’s my face! My face is not so bad!”
And then I went out into the world with a whole lot less fear, and a whole lot more guts to rep my brand offline.

And it’s the same this year.

So thanks Monika, for making me feel comfortable in my own skin. You wonderful shutterbug you!

Camilla Peffer

Copywriter, Camilla Peffer Copywriting

Photography Packages

The 'we don't have a photo all together' family session

Perfect for a refreshed set of family portraits, in a relaxed setting like your home or a local park/beach.

  • 45 minute session
  • 1 location
  • up to 15 high resolution images

Price: $445

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*All packages are subject to a travel fee beyond 40km of Melbourne or Ocean Grove, Victoria.

The Storyteller

Let’s get real for a day, like a documentary of your everyday family life. A true keepsake for your family to treasure and archive for generations.

  • 5 or 8 hour sessions
  • unlimited locations
  • All images collated and supplied in high-resolution format

Price from: $1,900

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Engagement Session

A perfect way to capture the beginning of your marriage journey, without the formal wedding setting, to capture the true essence of the two of you. Also a great package to book if you wish to use imagery in your wedding stationery or website.

  • 2 hour session
  • 1-2 locations
  • Up to 40 images edited and supplied in high-resolution format

Price: $750

OFFER: Book this as add-on for $300, if you also book a wedding package.

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