MB Captured Celebrates 1 Year and Gets a Makeover - MB Captured

Hip Hip Hooray!! Welcome to a new look and feel for MB Captured!

I can’t believe I bravely hit publish a year ago on my baby. Like a caring mother I nurtured it, checked on it a little too much and was watching it grow and develop personality in awe.

Now a year on, no longer crawling but walking, exploring and reaching new heights. I’ve made a stack of amazing new connections and even reconnected old friendships. I’ve built confidence in myself and explored my creativity by sharing it with you on here.

It has been a big year for the blog and for me personally. For example, I began this blog as a recently engaged chicken, I was studying post graduate business studies and was striving for a Masters Degree, after 6 months of blogging, taking photos here and there and generally connecting with awesome people, I discovered this little creative Monika start to shine. Now I’m married, studying Graphic Design, buying more camera lens’ and putting more care into blogging – including a little bit of sponsoring (which I can share soon!).

So what can you expect to see around here? Well I am still the same person, so it won’t be anything radical, but I am super recharged and ready to give MB Captured some serious cyber lovin!

So what do you think??