Mondayitis Medication: Moving from Words into Action! - MB Captured

Happy Monday! This week, after taking some time to get organised, everything is in order to start putting myself out there and becoming accountable.

After declaring some truths about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ (posted about here). I felt more inspired and energised to start chasing it.

It has been said many times, when you say it out loud you become committed, you have declared it to the world, it is no longer imaginary or a thought to be forgotten. It is not a dream, but now a solidified goal!

On other notes, we had a discussion on Sunday night about 

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?”¬†

It stemmed from two things, the first is I hope to live overseas again in the next 10 years, and second we have started to watch Million Dollar Listing NYC. Hello amazing trash TV!

On my ‘home away from home’ list is; South Eastern Germany (Bavaria), New York City, Northern Thailand, somewhere tropical riiiiiight on the beach (maybe an island). What about you?

Photo taken on our 2008 trip, where I declared I could stand here looking at this forever.

Other things making me grin ear-to-ear this week are
3 hour brunch dates with friends / writing my husband a love note with a present, just cos / watching my favourite childhood superhero on the big screen, yes Batman / crying while watching the opening ceremony when Sir Steve Redgrave enetered the stadium with the torch, what . a . moment for him / Typo stationery sales / watching a new 1 year old take some of his first steps, gushing / Celebrating 1 year for MB Captured and having fun revamping it / getting back into the green smoothie lifestyle.