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We have an exciting announcement to make…

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I am pregnant with our second baby, due this September. While I have been a little quiet (and late) on the announcement this time around due to some health complications, there is certainly no hesitation or lack of love for this little one.

A little bit about this pregnancy – the nitty gritty lady stuff

I came into this pregnancy with a sense of confidence. Firstly, that it would happen quickly. Secondly, that it would be easy like my first pregnancy. I felt all my first time mumma fear and guilt was dealt with in round 1. So why would it all change in round 2?

It all started last September, when I had a blighted ovum, (where no embryo ever forms but your body still ‘thinks’ it pregnant), discovered at week 11. If I reflect on the experience, I never really felt truly pregnant, as some days I would be horribly sick and bed-ridden and the next I would feel totally fine and energetic. However, it is still not news you wish to discover. Given we had told many of our close friends of our pregnancy news, it was equally supportive and lovely to have them there in this time.

We successfully conceived soon afterwards, with our baby now due this September. Also not without its complications, finding  myself in the Emergency Department with Pulmonary Embolism (PE) – blood clots on my lungs. With no known cause (except suspected from the pregnancy) and a treatment of 2 x clexane injections a day,  a lot of frustration followed this diagnosis, along with fear of what it all meant for our little fetus.

It took some time, actually it took from week 11 until 24, but I view the experience in a positive light. I am more determined than ever to care for my health and fitness and the physical experience has taught me to slow it down again (thanks to Sciatica and PE) and be grateful for the medical treatment and care we have in our country. I feel much more confident heading into the birth and welcoming our new little baby into the world.

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Why am I revealing all of this?

Most of you have been my online family for years now, and more recently, have been patient and continued to support me and my journey without knowing the behind the scenes stuff. There is no shame in miscarriage or illness, and while I have struggled with a lot of fear in the first half of this pregnancy, I am now fully embracing it and connecting with my body and breath with regular exercise.

It feels good to have found my inner spark again and with it has come a lot of creative abundance. I’ve been dreaming up ideas to launch in my business, goals for our family and fun sewing projects to work on around my home. Speaking of projects, have you seen my latest freebie? I created a free guide for planning a photo shoot, taking you through all the recommended steps for your shoot. Get it here.

It was also good to reflect on this pregnancy compared to my first, I don’t know that I would have coped this time if I had my old day job. I really needed to start my days with ease and rest where necessary when I was in the thick of it (so to speak!), MB Captured has allowed this and I know everything is exactly as it should be.

Unfortunately for my husband, I have begun nesting already, planning Jacks ‘big brother’ bedroom and revamping the nursery to welcome fresh blood. I’ve shown him a million pinterest and instagram images of ideas I have and furniture for him to make. Ooops!

Mostly, I am ready to embrace the slow pace again – you know where you need to rest for 40 minutes every 3 hours while you are breast-feeding. I find myself watching other young siblings interact and it fills me with butterflies to know our family will be complete in a matter of months.

I would love to know how you found the transition between your first and second, leave a comment below or lets continue the conversation in email. x

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